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  • JY300C universal electrophoresis lab power supply is designed to provide the electrophoresis experiments with power.

  • The Power Pack 300V is suited to all types of electrophoresis requiring up to 300 V. The digital display indicates the voltage values (which can be constantly regulated) and the current. With two outputs 2 tanks can be supplied at the same time.

  • Tank for electrophoresis and cellulose acetate in general. Designed for routine and research needs. Functions with six strips 2.5x14 cm or with three strips 5.7x14 cm on three bridges. The model France of 8.5 cm works with the same size strips as above and with sheets 14x14 cm or 18.3x14 cm on an 8.5 cm long bridge with plastic clips. 

  • It can be clipped on all France bridges. It applies 4 specimens simultaneously on the 5.7 cm wide Cellogel strip leaving 4 marks of the same dimensions as the Figure 1c. Each of the 4 tips applies 0.9 µl on 9 mm. The unloading of the tips is completed after an application time of at least 10 seconds. The base of the specimen holder has 3 rows of 4 drop...

  • Saio is a electrophoresis instrument very small, ideal for little laboratories, fully automatic, designed for to be fully autonomous in 50 cm of space. Simply to use, small footprint, reliability, speed of execution, repeatability, robustness, are the achievments of this equipment.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items