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POLYPHARMA is a company with the main mission to supply hospitals with devices and equipments with medical and scientific uses.

To bring to a successful conclusion its mission, POLYPHARMA has a Head Office and a network of agencies which covers all the Cameroon Territory, even the Central Africa sub-region.

To support its growth; POLYPHARMA every year, offers opportunities to young graduates and to experimented to express himself and to take advantage of their talent in diverse sectors of the activity of the company.

The training policy is the key development of POLYPHARMA so it is true as technologies and the practices evolve very quickly.

The professional and even geographical mobility joins as a key value of the POLYPHARMA's development, with the versatility being more and more requested.

If you wish to participate in the fulfilment of the POLYPHARMA's mission, we invite you to consult our sections:

  • Job and intern ship offers;
  • Apply;
  • Your suggestions.


The social aspect shows through actions in the following domains is of an excellent concern to POLYPHARMA:

  • Sports activities,
  • Charitable activities,
  • Family events (happy or unfortunate),
  • Promotions.

Worried about the well-being and of the fulfilment of his employees, the interest granted to those activities by POLYPHARMA aims at more solidifying links between employees and invites each to get involved personally. The objective being to build a coherent social policy and to really create the difference.