VAT included

Technical specifications

  • Model : XY-210?210L??XY-400?400L??XY-560?560L?;
  • Temperature range(?)?4?6?;
  • Ambient temperature(?)?10?32?;
  • Ac?single hase 220V 50HZ;


Medical storage fridge is a professional equipment which is used in medical area for storage of medicine,as well as storing biochemistry products etc.widely used in hospital,drug shop,pharmacy manufacturer,blood station and sanitary and anti epidemic station etc.

Accurate temperature control system?

Use original package “DEI”high precision computer temperature control system,famous brand in the world,(ISO-9001 international quality system certificate enterprise).

Temperature control range is set upon requirement at discretion.

Number displays temperature in the refrigerator and master the operating condition at any time.

Own high resolution temperature calibration function, convenient for accurate monitoring.

Sate control system?

Keyboard lock protection function,prevent operating parameters from being adjusted at will.

Overtemperature dual warning function, warning temperature range is set at discretion.

System fault warning function, fault point code display.

Self-check delay start as switch on and stop interval protection function,ensure reliable operation.

With the function recording max and min temperature condition in the refrigerator without recording paper.(In addition,can choose temperature recording 24h printing function).

Specially designed sensor fail-safe operational program.

Refrigerating system?

Use original package efficient compressors from Zanussi of Italy and Electrolux of Spain (ISO-9001 international quality system certificate enterprise).

Air cooling circulation in the refrigerator adopts original package imported from “SUNON”double fans (ISO-9001 international quality system certificate enterprise).with strong low temperature resistant and strong moisture resistant.

Evaporator imported from Panasonic of Japan (refrigerating pipe in the refrigerator).