Our Terms of Sale are the only ones valid and deemed accepted by the buyer. Any Clause to the contrary must be the subject of an agreement with POLYPHARMA SARL.



    Illustrations in catalogs or product sheets are given for information only and may be subject to change. Likewise, weights and dimensions are only approximate; they can in no case be the cause of complaints or reductions. We reserve the right, for example, to modify our articles according to the improvements recommended by our suppliers.


2 - USE

    All the equipment, products and reagents we supply are intended for medical, laboratory or scientific use. We decline all responsibility in the event that these supplies are used improperly for their original destination.

    The users alone are responsible for the manipulations and uses carried out with our equipment. In particular, they must ensure that these uses comply with legal requirements, in particular with regard to personal safety and all provisions relating to hygiene, occupational safety and accident prevention.



    Our prices are net excluding tax, ex our warehouses, except for specific specifications.

    Our quotes remain valid for 30 days, except for specific specifications.



    We recommend using the codes and names appearing in our catalogs or offers. If a delivery error should occur due to imprecision, we decline all responsibility.



    Any order only binds POLYPHARMA SARL after written confirmation by it. Cases of force majeure release POLYPHARMA SARL from the obligation to deliver.



    Any order will only be registered upon receipt of full payment, either by check payable to POLYPHARMA SARL, transfer of funds, (western union or other, etc.), or by bank transfer to the accounts:

    BICEC: N° 10001 - 06805 - 02695105000 - 60

    SGC: N° 10003 - 00100 - 05010271153 - 72

    ECOBANK: N° 10029 - 00001 - 01200717601 - 07



    The delivery times indicated on our pro-forma are given in good faith, but without commitment. Any late payment penalty is excluded. If the buyer cannot take possession of the goods on the date of availability, all measures must be taken to store them in the best conditions. The storage costs will be borne by the buyer. The storage period does not change the date on which the goods are deemed to be delivered and does not extend the warranty period.



    Our products travel at the risk and peril of the recipient whether they are shipped postage due, postage paid or carriage paid. It is therefore recommended that our customers release the last carrier only after making sure that the shipment is complete and in perfect condition. We reserve the right to insure our shipments on behalf of our customers against the usual transport risks.

    In the event of damage, missing items, etc., it is the recipient's responsibility to send complaints by registered letter to the last carrier and also to notify us in writing; this within 3 days from the date of receipt. Our responsibility can not be called into question for degradations or alterations of quality arising from transport. It is therefore recommended to check the contents of the boxes carefully, not to throw anything away without making sure that the packaging does not contain any objects.



    Buyers outside Cameroon will first have acquainted themselves with the standards, customs and laws in force in their country, concerning the import, use and marketing of products sold by POLYPHARMA SARL. We cannot be held responsible for disputes arising in foreign territory.



    Our prices are exclusive of installation unless otherwise specified. In this case, the customer must ensure that his premises are suitable for receiving the expected equipment in accordance with the technical characteristics appearing in the manufacturer's instructions. In particular, fluid and electricity supplies must meet the manufacturer's requirements and the safety standards in force.



    The return for recovery of new goods must be the subject of a prior agreement with POLYPHARMA SARL.



    The guarantees are those of the manufacturer and subject to the conditions of the manufacturer, generally 12 months parts and labor returns to the factory, the return costs remaining the responsibility of the buyer.



    The freight cost indicated on our proforma is given in good faith, but without obligation, it can be readjusted to its real value during invoicing.



    POLYPHARMA SARL reserves the ownership of the goods delivered until full payment of all sums due to it by the buyer as a result of its deliveries. These goods are presumed to be the property of the seller up to the amount of the buyer's debts due or not to the seller.

   The seller may terminate the sale and take back all the goods covered by the retention of title either if an invoice that has come due is not paid and this after the buyer's formal notice, if this formal notice is considered essential by the law applicable to this contract, or in the event of deterioration of the buyer's credit.

    This clause does not in any way exclude a possible action for damages and interests of POLYPHARMA SARL, intended to compensate for the loss of profit or the damage it will have suffered.